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    After two months of sun, seaside, beer and tender nights August is what’s left. And since most of the people put all their hopes for the greatest summer in August, we decided that at least we don’t have the right to disappoint you. So, in this August we will play as for a whole summer.

    11 aug 2012 - "Zov Parmi", Cherdinsk district of Perm', Russia

    18 aug 2012 - Vaslui days celebration, Vaslui, Romania

    19 aug 2012 - Zahid Festival, Lviv, Ukraine

    20 aug 2012 - Public pub, Chernovtsy, Ukraine

    23 aug 2012 - Peninsula Festival, Tg. Mures, Romania

    24 aug 2012 - Trnkobrani fest, Vizovice, Czech Republic

    26 aug 2012 - Zdob si Zdub concert as part of the European Forum Alpbach

    …not excluding the fact that new dates will be added, thus follow the updates on our website and profiles on various social networks.

    Wish you have the greatest August, see you at our concerts!





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