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    Basta Mafia!

    An album, video and tour of Zdob si Zdub

    Zdob si Zdub, known in Poland as a full of energy band, playing alternative ethno rock from Moldova, released a new album. Starting from February, with a new material, they start a tour in Western Europe.
    Zdob si Zdub is a band formed in 1994 in Chişinău, as an initiative of pupils from one school: Roman Yagupov, Anatol Pugaci and Mihai Gîncu. From the very beginning their specific attribute are motives taken from Moldovian and Romanian folklore, mixed with rock, ska, punk, drum’n’bass and impressive Balkan trumpets. Zdob si Zdub’s lyrics are also linked with ethnics, what makes some people call their music „shepherd’s rock”. The breakthrough of their career was the performance In the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, when they amazingly sang „Boonika Bate Doba”, which gave them the 6th place in the final result.
    Since then, they’ve performed in over 20 countries in Europe, they were guests of many international festivals, like: Sziget Festival (Hungary), Festiwal in Roskilde (Denmark). In Poland the band played three times by now, at the Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn (2005), at the Festival of Dialogue of four Cultures in Łódź (2008) and at the Festival of Romanian culture (Kraków, 2011).
    Right now, Zdob si Zdub prepares for the promo tour of their new album."Basta Mafia!" was released on January 27th 2012 and is orientated to the Western public since most of the songs are in English. By now, the band used to sing mostly in their native language – Romanian and also in Russian. The single promoting the new album, "So Lucky”, was chosen to represent Moldova for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. That gave them the 12th place.
    In the reviews of the newest album we can often find the word „alternative rock/Indie” and I think the band goes for that. This turn to the West is for sure caused by the willing to get new listeners and partly by the fact that "Basta Mafia!" was released by a German record label, Asphalt Tango Records.
    The tour will take place mostly in German cities, but it won’t miss the Budapest and Wien, Zurich, Copenhagen. Unfortunately, Poland’s not included. Maybe this will change In June, when the band will start the „Basta Mafia! Tour 2012” vol. 2.

    Author: Anna Wilczyńska, translation: Agnieszka Wierzbicka
    A big thank you to Agnieszka Wierzbicka who translated the article from Polish to English.

    The article can be found here



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