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    The beginning and the end of this article are about the Eurovision Songfestival, but no panic: in-between it becomes fun! Why was it again that most songs from the Euro song are so bad?? (except forEin Bisschen Friedenof course) Take for example Zdob si Zdub, the Moldavian rock band who participated in the contest last year with the songSoLucky. Not entirely coincidentally by far the worst, dullest, most insipidsong of the further first-rate CD Basta Mafia!. But how are they doing that you ask yourself. Zdob si Zdub is already making records starting from 1996;Basta Mafia!is the debut of the band on the trend setting Berlin Label Asphalt Tango. The band is blending (East bloc) hard rock and (ska) punk with Russian and Romanian folk music and instruments as flutes, bagpipes and trumpets. Sometimes heavy sounding like a Rage Against TheMachine (especially live,check it out),sometimes melancholic as the old Yugoslavia shepherd rock of Goran Bregovic at the time of Bijelo Dugme.Take the beautiful waltz Haiduk or the also Romanian-spoken Trece Vremea Omului with the shrill cimpoi - bagpipe. Festal highlight is The Holy Fuel, an up-tempo Russian folkdance which you can't get out of your hips and head for days. Zdob si Zdub participated already in the Eurovision contest in 2005 and surprised many with probably one of the bestEurovision songs ever.Basta Mafia!,a nice record which grows on you,proves that acts with a past in the Eurovision contest not immediately need to be amortized.

    Author: Dieter van den Bergh, Translation: Ilinca Mihalache
    A big thank you to Ilinca Mihalache who translated the article from Dutch to English.

    The article can be found here


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