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    Dub, punk, polka and folk with the speed of the System of a Down Folks

    A disgrace. A true scandal. It is One Year after The Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. The Godfather of ECS (no, it’s not Ralph Siegel anymore) has milked the holy Lena-Cow to death and you hear nothing from fidgety Jedward anymore. Actually everything is said and forgotten. Baku special express is top priority now.


    Only now does Zdob si Zdub (those funny guys, with hats taller than the Irish clone warriors hair) arrive. Instead of slapping out a lucrative quick shot with 80% filler paste, just after Raabs try to take over the world in Düsseldorf, they wait until a real Album stands on its own feet. There is somebody who did not understand the music business and who does not belong there at all.


    Fortunately, the Moldovans teamed up with Marc Elsner in Berlin and recorded there the consistently good "Basta Mafia!”. Maybe some songs are missing a bit fire under their butt here and there, but I did not find a truly failed song. This time I failed on my eternal search for the failure.


    The eastern European Brass-Ska-Punk-Rock-Sound lacks the icing on the cake to round out the album about the whole distance. The missing of this emulsion is compensated by the eastern European charm and the deeply cute accent of the singer. "Basta Mafia!” has become a vivacious, entertaining and also socio-critical successful round thing. Round like the Breadheadconvict on the cover.


    All music genres Zdob si Zdub has included in their repertory, are processed in "The Holy Fuel”, a Breaker between Dub, Punk-Polka and Folklore. Highlight Number Two, "Gipsy Life” is inspirited a little by Talking Heads, while the troop mutated completely to System Of A Down of Speed Folk with "F-S-S-O”.


    As good as the record is: You feel the whole time that the true potential of the band does not lie in the studio, but on the street. So, buy the album, learn the text by heart (as far as our teutonic ears can handle it) – and then go watch them live.



    Author:, translation: Michael Köberlein
    A big thank you to Michael Köberlein who translated the article from German to English.
    The article can be found here






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