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    In Romanian and Russian, from Chisinau gig, videos:
    A new “Zdob si Zdub” album JurnalTV
    A new album from Zdob si Zdub NorocTV
    In Russian:
    An interview with Roman
    Zdob si Zdub in Kiev. ZaZaZuTV (video)
    Reviews of the Kiev gig (+ photos): (they got it wrong... “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” wasn’t recorded in Berlin, the future album was/is recorded there)
    Two reviews of the “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” album. (they mentioned the unofficial MySpace, anyway, the review is cool).
    In Ukranian:
    Reviews of the Kiev gig (+ photos):
    Thank you for coming to our gigs, writing about us and enjoying life with us!
    If you know about other articles, post them in the comments below.
    Soon we’ll post your photos from these two gigs.

    Oh, and a nice Zdob si Zdub introduction article from a new fan from Los Angeles. Zdob Si Zdub Keeps Moldova Rocking.


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