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    Dear friends,

    Thanks a lot for the latest lives, feels great being back, we are looking forward to the next gigs.
    Also, we would like to assure you that we are doing our best to read all your messages, here on the website, but also on our profiles on various social networks. We thank you a lot for your kind appreciation and wishes.

    There are some frequently asked questions that we would like to answer:

    1. Who is the girl on the unicycle?
    Her name is Tatiana Ilescu, she's 21 years old, she's a professional circus artist, from a circus artists’ family. Tatiana’s skills do not limit to riding the monocycle, she is able to do a large number of other circus stunts. Additionally, she studies foreighn languages, at Moldova State University.

    2. Where can I get a Kushma/hat?
    The kushmas are custom-made, especially for the contest, thus ours are not for sale… yet :) We plan on wearing them during some of our gigs. Also, we are not thinking about producing more of them, for sale. But the good thing is that you can make your own kushma, either from faux karakul or from any material you think might suit. The shape of the kushma is so simple, you can do it ;)

    3. When will you play in the UK, Australia, Spain, Germany etc.?
    We'd love to play everywhere for you! All certain future gigs are listed on our GIGS page. We'll release the new album this autumn and then we'll have a planned promo tour, but for now we mostly play there where we are invited. So, waiting for your invitation ;) Suggest your local club or Festival to invite us.

    4. Where can I get an Erurovision/Zdob si Zdub T-shirt and the "So lucky" promo-CD?
    These T-shirts and promo-CDs were produced specifically for the Eurovision and they were distributed for free in the framework of the contest, for promotional purposes. We will think about maybe including the T-shirts in our merch that we'll have with the release of the new album.

    5. Where can I buy your CDs?
    It depends on the country you live in. Here are some links where you could buy online some of our albums:
    Russia and CIS, for example
    But you can also listen to some of our songs on our website – ALBUMS.

    6.What type of trumpet did you use in your show? It looked unsual, different…
    We have created this trumpet especially for our show in Dusseldorf. It is a decorative hybrid that was created from two trumpets. In order to play it, you need special skills… and we think only our trumpeter Valeriu has them :)

    7. Where is Grandma that was performing with you during Eurovision 2005?
    As before, she lives in the village, in the south of Moldova, and is engaged in folk arts, but also, together with her husband, takes care of their grandchildren and household. This year, she actively supported us, wishing us good luck, when we left for Düsseldorf.

    8. Do you plan to participate one more time in the Eurovision Song Contest?
    Both times we have spontaneously applied for participation in the contest, without any planning. In the future we want to continue this tradition, thus we do not exclude the possibility of a new participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Time will tell :)

    If you have any other questions, ask, we will gladly try to answer them.
  • Doina
    30 may 2011 17:01
    Am si eu o intrebare.
    Cum pot sa fac rost de tricoul asta in Moldova?
    multumesc anticipat!
  • Doina
    30 may 2011 17:05
    am uitat sa mentionez ca am nevoie de cea mai mica marime, respectiv S :)
    aveti asa ceva?
  • Jesamine Adele Hollingsworth
    30 may 2011 18:40
    Oooh my ambition is to represent any other country but the UK in The Eurovision
    Song Contest - Let me represent Moldova with you!!!!!!!! Okay so I cannot ride a
    unicycle, neither am I a drum beating Grandma but i'm sure I could do something
    just as strange and creative, I am an artist after all... Haha!!! ;)

    P.s - I am a very good bicycle riding rag doll!

    Haha ;)
  • Jesamine Adele Hollingsworth
    30 may 2011 18:47

    If this link doesn't work I assure you I DO make a very good bicycle riding rag
    doll haha!
  • ciuvac zdupait
    30 may 2011 20:14
    mie mia placut foarte mult nou vostu album, dar nu mia placut de loc traducerile,
    ele se poutea pune ca bonus tracks, ori asa ceva, ar fi de dorit sa apara
    cintece noi, ......
  • Janina
    30 may 2011 21:55
    Hello, you lucky guys,
    congratulations to your perfect show in the contest!
    Congratulations, too, to the support from all over the world, that you received:

    On your homepage, the social networks and in the voting of the ESC:
    12 Romania, 8 UK, 8 Ireland, 8 Italy, and so on, and much more... Great!
    What a pity, that you only got 4 from Germany... but, I promise you, I did my
    best, and some others here, too!
    I listened to your song "Basta mafia": Groovy, cool, really good!
    I am looking forwards to your album in English and, be sure: I will buy it!
    And, please: During you are in Berlin to release your new album, don't forget to
    present your music somewhere in the city live!! And, please, write it on your
    homepage, and I will come!

    With all the best wishes for your music, for your new album and four your gigs,
    I can offer, be greeted by
  • Ivan
    31 may 2011 11:17
    Thanks for posting links to places to buy your music, managed to pick up one of
    your earlier albums from (Tabara noastra)
  • Ry
    2 june 2011 08:42
    Thanks for the inside information in English
    What about the games you liked to play when you were kids and teenagers? The
    questionnaire in mass media section. Any chance you interpret this questionnaire
    in English as well?
    From the above one it seems you are joyful guys. Good luck
  • Naty
    2 june 2011 13:40
    Привет всем! Ребята Вы очень классные и позитивные! Спасибо за красивый номер на
  • zdubiiiii
    4 june 2011 17:28
  • Telebolla
    10 june 2011 16:40
    The trashy Eurovision festival wasn't totally useless because I knew your music!
    It's a pity you don't play in Italy.
    Good luck
  • zsz
    11 june 2011 14:34
    Doina, in Moldova il poti procura la noi in oficiu, suna la 506367 sau 506366, in
    zilele de lucru de la 12 la 18.
    sau in magazinul asta ... din pacate nu mai avem marimea S
    pentru fete/femei (doar de tip barbatesc).

    Jesamine, it seems you have almost the same wish as Scott Mills from bbc radio 1
    ) and your picture is very nice ;))

    ciuvac zdupait, aici ne referim la albumul nou care inca nu a aparut, nu la
    "beloe vino / krasnoe vino".

    Janina, thanks! we will play a live gig - album release one - in Berlin, for
    sure. and of course we will write about it on the website... stay tuned, coming
    up this fall!

    Ry, on the website and on our profile on facebook etc we share links to various
    articles in the media, in various languages... unfortunately we are not able to
    translate them ... maybe you could use :)

    zdubiiiii, mersi pentru poze!

    Telebolla, you played in Italy and we will be back :)

    Thanks everybody!
  • Ron Peacock
    4 july 2011 07:53
    We love anything MOLDOVAN.....we have many prieten in Chisinau and in the
    villages down south. Please come to the USA.....we will travel to anywhere you
    play!!!! Place muzica Zdob si Zdub.....Texas, USA


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