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    There are almost two weeks since the Zdob si Zdub band started the promo tour "Basta Mafia!” However, for the first day of spring they have a special program. On the first day of March Zdob si Zdub will participatein a festival organized by the German record label Asphalt Tango. The festival will last two days, on March 1 will be held a concert in Berlin and on March 2 in Cologne.

    The eventisorganizedinthe context of a dual anniversary: 15 years of producing tours and albums and a decade as the world’s leading Gypsy/Eastern music label.Along with Zdob și Zdub will perform Mahala Rai Banda, Dj Levy andDJTeam"Funkhaus Europa Sound System".

    Zdob și Zdub began working with German company Asphalt Tango in 2011. The new album „Basta Mafia!” was realeased under Asphalt Tango which is also responsable for promoting and organizing the band’s current European tour.

    Founded in 1997 by Helmut Neumann and Henry Ernst, Asphalt Tango is focused on promoting the Eastern European and Balkan Gipsy music. Over the years it worked with bands likeMahala Rai Banda, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Kal, Kottarashky, etc..





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