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    At the end of June Zdob și Zdub received the invitation to be the guests of the famous Ukrainian TV show "Picnic".

    According to the scenery the Moldovan guests had to walk the streets of the lovely Kiev, play spontaneously a song in the central square and take a ride with the double-decker bus to the historical places of the city. By the way, the guys played a few songs right during the ride along with the Ukrainian Band Mad Heads. After they roamed the whole city, the film crew and the guests of the show went beyond Kiev to continue filming in the middle of the nature, at the "Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural life of Ukraine” or how the Kievans call it "Pirogovo Museum”. Actually, it is a huge open area which occupies 150 ha of hills and meadows. Here are more than 300 hundred pieces from all the regions of Ukraine that reflect the architectural forms and customs of our neighbor country.

    While discussing with the hosts of the show the guys prepared the dinner over campfire and also managed to sing a few songs, in other words it was a pure improvisation that turned up to be just great.

    The TV hosts enjoyed the Moldovan guests, not mentioning the delicious ukha* and mamaliga*. At the end of the show, they promised to invite them again.

    Ukha-traditional Russian dish

    Mamaliga-traditional Moldovan dish



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