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    Because it’s so cold, because it’s Christmas Eve and because we like you so much we’re happy to finally present you the new video"Moldovenii s-au născut”.

    We cannot put it under the Christmas tree, but we hope it will warm up your soul and your heart will start beating in the rhythm of Tarantella.

    Merry Christmas everyone! Love each other!

    The song "Moldovenii s-au născut was written by Andrei Copoț and Roman Yagupov and the arrangement was made by the bass guitarist of the band Mihai Gîncu along with the producer of the "Basta Mafia!” (English version) album, Marc Elsner.

    Originally, the song was written in English as part of the "Basta Mafia!” album, released at the beginning of 2012 under the German label Asphalt Tango Records. The Romanian version of the song is the first single from the new album which will be released in Romania in January/February 2013 under Media Pro Music. The release of the album will be followed by a promo tour through the biggest cities of Romania. Also, the album will be released in Russia under Soyuz Music Records Company,



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