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    The press release of the "Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino" album is available here or it can be downloaded in the Albums section, the right right column. Unfortunately, at the moment we have only the Russian version.
  • Andriy (Ukraine, Bucovina)
    8 october 2010 17:43
    I`m waiting for new songs!!!!!!!!!
  • Gavagai
    9 october 2010 01:34
    Davai, davai!
  • Desso
    16 october 2010 23:23
    Финансовый вопрос уходит на второй план... Это уже выше, чем просто
    профессиональная музыка... Хотя я бы с удовольствием заплатил за альбом.
  • semanteme
    8 march 2011 21:43
    Where can I BUY mp3s of Beloe Vino/Krasnoe Vino. So many dodgy streams and
    downloads - you deserve the royalties!!!
    Why is this Russian album not on iTunes, for example.......


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