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     Georgia. Gamarjoba, Genatsvale!

    After customs, we headed to the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi
    On the road, we passed by some strange buildings similar to supermarkets, with transparent storefronts, we asked ourselves in surprise: "What is it?"
    They turned out to be the police stations!

    We were told that in Georgia "traffic cops" do not take bribes – again we were pleasantly surprised.
    We were also pleased with the quality of the roads and, finally, we drove to the capital!
    Tbilisi - a beautiful city and unusual to my eye, the buildings are beautifully lit ...
    The only pity is that we didn’t have enough time to see everything and we really wanted to sleep ...
    In the morning, after the breakfast, Mamuk came after us. He chided us for not calling when we had arrived, then we went to a TV show...
    On the way, we discussed the plans for the day ...
    Classes on national TV!
    There, we met with Glen Vello, Malta’s representative at 2011 Eurovision
    And with the guys from the Georgian band - Eldrine ...
    After talking about Eurovision,
    We all performed our Eurovision songs with playback-
    The opportunity to sing live is not always and everywhere available.
    Then all together we went to have a bite in a dining room.

    After eating and drinking "Tarragon", we drove to the rehearsal base of the guys from Eldrine
    Truly speaking, I like them
    They have a great song and a great singer!
    They reminded me of „Guano Apes”.
    During the rehearsal we "jammed" a bit and, after drinking some Moldovan cognac and wishing good luck to all in Dusseldorf, we went to the tavern!
    For the entire day we were accompanied and taken good care of by Mamuk and Maya Baratashvili.
    Maya - the head of the Georgian delegation. She is a super-singer!
    During the jam session, when she sang, I became speechless!
    I must say that southern people are great at feeling the music!

    In the tavern we were offered a true Georgian meal:
    homemade bread, fresh herbs (tarragon, cilantro), cheese, vegetables, potatoes, khachapuri, kebabs, Georgian dumplings and a lot of different eatables ...
    All these delicacies perfectly went along with Kakheti homemade red wine,
    saying toasts to friendship, love and peace,
    speaking soulfully about history, life and music.
    We spent a wonderful evening in a lovely friendly atmosphere ...
    Thanks, Georgia!
    Didi madloba!
    Multumesc frumos!!!

    After shaking hands and taking some photos,
    We jumped on a plane to sunny Azerbaijan!

    Our plane landed in Azerbaijan, when it was already dark, about 3 o'clock in the morning ...
    With luggages and gifts we cheerfully went to the exit ...

  • Johnette
    12 july 2011 19:19
    You're the greaetst! JMHO


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