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    Do you remember this wonderful film in which songs performed by Polad Bülbüloğlu were played? 
    And here we are on the shore of the Caspian Sea, sunny Baku!
    Oil – the black gold, here this is felt more than nowhere else!
    Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I thought, is it my imagination that marble houses are built along the avenue?
    Or is it a beautiful local stone with a "coffee with milk" shade?
    Modern high-way... a few minutes and we are at the hotel.
    Outside the window - the night, spring rain, we turn on the TV and fall asleep with the traditional music of the east on...
    In each new country we were asked: "How do you like our city?"
    But how is it possible to learn about a city at such a pace?
    That's impossible!
    And I thought that we should repeat our tour, in order to feel, see, learn and understand the flavour and spirit of each unique place!

    In the morning, missing, as always (not always as in Baku), a royal breakfast, we ran to a TV show!
    And now, the classic pattern – there is a folk ensemble, colourful presenters, a "Azerbaijan-Turkey" video-conference, in the studio – the audience and the guests, namely, we - the "Hawaiian Guitars".
    Sveatoslav and I in “kushmas”, a la "sultan's stargazers" with acoustic guitars!
    In general, an “oil painting”...
    And finally, we are playing live “Doina haiducului”, and the violinist excellently accompanied us...
    A fiddler is a fiddler... 
    “So lucky” looked quite comical, but what to do? We don’t always have the opportunity to be with the entire band and blow up everything with a live show!
    After wishing success to the Ell & Nikki duo from Azerbaijan and cheerfully dancing on stage to “oriental pop”, we went to a press conference...
    After the press conference, we went to the old city...

    To learn history from books is not interesting!
    Cobbled streets, small shops, old antique shops, samovars, hats, scarves...
    And unwittingly I thought about the movie "White Sun of the Desert"...
    And here is it - the famous place where Andrei Mironov fell with the phrase "What the hell!"/ “Dammit!” (the movie “Brilliantovaya Ruka”)
    After rising to Maiden Tower, a view of the city and the coast opened up for us: 
    "Here it is, the Caspian! Here it is, Baku." Beautiful!
    During the entire day we were accompanied by our friend from Baku, he welcomed us very hospitably and told us about the history of this land, serving us with tea and delicious cakes made in a traditional furnace...
    Multumesc pentru tot!

    Afterwards we galloped to an interview... 
    We met with uncle Safar (thank you very much for your hospitality) and also we managed to drop by a true Azerbaijani restaurant!
    We tasted the national cuisine, offered gifts to each other and flew to Istanbul ...


  • Ilgar
    11 april 2011 13:10
    Kak jal ya ne znal chto vi bili u nas!
    Priezjayte s kontsertami rebyata!
  • здубы
    13 april 2011 10:21
    приедем !!!


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