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    The Eastern promo-tour came to an end 
    And, before returning to Romania - 
    also for "Eurovision business” and a few rock gigs in Bucharest, Pitesti, Brasov, 
    we stopped in Istanbul - the former capital of the Byzantine Empire... 
    The Moldovan Consul met us at the airport and we headed to a TV show... 
    We drank Turkish tea, "remembered" about a few favourite songs and played them acoustically, talked with a popular blogger 
    Then we went into a studio, where we clearly agreed about what we’ll be performing 
    We had a respectable older audience 
    Again, folk musicians and shining presenter ... 
    We chatted through an interpreter, Aliona, and this was quite funny, because it was the first time we were having such an experience... 
    After discussing the meaning of the "Zdob si Zdub” wording, 
    showing it with the help of a Turkish drummer... 
    Complimenting the Turkish artist which represents the country in the contest,
    We have presented our song “So lucky” in “Hawaiian” style, 
    We received applause and were placed in an awkward position by the request to perform something else ... 
    But we nicely resolved this confusion with the help of our experience and humor, and redirected the attention towards the main news ... 
    The first thing we did - wished good luck to Yüksek Sadakat, rockers in law,  
    We discussed about who we are and why we are here! 
    This time our kushmas produced a truly positive effect on the presenter, he was laughing to tears! 
    And we explained him that this is what we are aiming at, 
    that our plan is to "shake up" Eurovision in Düsseldorf! 
    That we are the most original ones and it's time to have a full live contest... 
      We gave the presenter a souvenir that reminded him of Nowrūz "Santa Claus"...  
    Afterwards we went on the side 

    On the next day, again – missing the breakfast, we went wandering around the city, 
    I wanted to go to the old bazaar, but time was running out. 
    We always run somewhere ... 
    Probably, this is very important, we have to make it on time, somewhere ... 
    In the very exotic neighborhoods I came across a wonderful old inn Abdullah 
    Drank fresh pomegranate juice, ate a fresh dorado with salad and galloped for souvenirs...
    At the end of the Trans-Caucasian tour our bags looked like the luggage of a "tired" climber 
    A couple more interviews, sharing phones numbers, photos, huggin relatives and the crew ... 
    It’s a pity that we didn’t take the schooner on the Bosphorus, didn’t get in the wonderful Aya Sofya, didn’t visit the legendary Book Bazaar ... 
    The road is calling ... 
    Have a nice trip!Buckle up!

  • Shurique
    11 april 2011 21:49
    завтра День космонавтики!!! смотреть салют, пить, кричать "Трава у дома", "если
    очень захотеть", "таких не беру в космонавты", смотреть в телескоп, запускать в
    небо воздушные шары!!! урааааа
  • Илюша Бухарестский
    13 april 2011 10:18
    ребята ну когда наши динамики содрогнуться от нового альбома , мы устали
    удачи на Евровидение
  • Gkce
    13 april 2011 16:22
    Goddd! how unlucky am i!!! a minute later, i wrote a comment and said: "please
    come to turkey" and now i cant believe my eyes!!! when i saw this, i was about
    to loose my mind!!! you were here but i didnt know that x( so all i can do is to
    beg you to come here again... oke, i'll stop cos i will really loose my mind xD

    hope that you'll come here again, with best wishes at esc and love=)
  • Abgd
    24 july 2011 22:24
    cum sa nu fie acest articol in l.romana?!


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