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    My friends!

    The first day in Dusseldorf:

    The Chisinau-Frankfurt flight – without turbulences,

    A space Express train from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf

    A quick overview of the city’s suburbs at dusk, Holiday Inn, a shower and sleep...

    Breakfast in the morning and straight away to the rehearsals!

    We’ve decided to rehears in the costumes of the flying fiddlers...

    Our transport around here is a new MAN (bus), decorated with Moldova’s flag and Eurovision symbols!

    Well, the Germans have everything as a chemist - thought through, weighed, marked, placed...

    Everything is great!

    A huge stadium with a capacity of 35 thousands, a round stage,

    A run, one more ... it’s getting better, once again... again... Corrections,

    With the square, without it... with half-power, one more time... Work...

    A strong echo, the stage is slippery, the pressure in the ear monitors is lacking, the subs are not turned on yet... Work...

    Everything is ok... Let's go to the viewing room, adjust the sound, comments for the operators etc.

    Communicating... the last run was OK, but we need to refine some things!

    Thank you... Hugs, compliments... Tschüss!

    Press-conference: An atmosphere of correct interest from the journalists’ side.

    Our English could be better...

    Humor. "Where's Grandma?" – The journalists ask...

    Two Englishmen in our T-shirts, lots of smiley faces,

    Camera flashes, monocle, monocycle...

    Salut, Eurovision! Good luck!

    Snack time? No, it wasn’t meant to be!

    A series of interviews…

    My English is getting better, the caps become too tight ... It's hot, sucking in the stomach...

    Evening is here... But it wasn’t the end of the working day! Discussing the makeup!

    Feeling very sleepy... closer to 23 hours, felt asleep on the bus, somewhere on the way to the hotel.

    Conclusion: "This is just the beginning!"

    Question of the day: "How do your cosmo-kushmas stand so straight?"

    Secrets are revealed after the carnival, at a glass of punch!

    I gave my boots to the shoemaker – to help me avoid slipping...

    Good luck! To be continued...

  • Овечка Миорица
    5 may 2011 12:40
    Как всегда повеселил. Смотрела прессконференцию...английский и правда мог быть и
    лучше :)))
    Но мы ведь Вас не за английский любим. Все ОК!
  • admirator
    5 may 2011 13:26
  • vreau si eu asa kosmokusma!!!
    5 may 2011 13:29
    succese !!! tin pumnii pentru voi!!!!! Moldova super!!
  • Tanja from Germany
    5 may 2011 23:17
    Oh dear, you haven't hab any time to visit my beutiful neighbour city
    Düsseldorf?.. but i hope you get it you guys rock eurovision ;P
  • alexandra
    6 may 2011 11:00
    Я болею только за вас! Песня-супер! и вы все тоже! Желаю победить) Россия с вами!


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