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    On the next day after the first rehearsal, we decided to visit Cologne.
    Fortunately, the contestants have this opportunity,
    There is a private bus and we have some privileges.
    After the dry breakfast, we set in the comfortable chairs and went on a trip, being in an excellent mood.
    The first desire of the musicians was to visit the Music Store, a huge music store,

    To walk around the city, relax, to have a lunch somewhere nice,
    To buy some things and most importantly - not to hurry!

    An hour on the comfortable "Man" and we're already in Cologne...
    Acacia flowers, the grass is green, the sun shines and the darkened walls of the Cologne Cathedral stand majestically.
    We walk through the cobbled streets of the city, talking slowly, no hurry…

    Here is a 17th century house, there is a modern building of glass and concrete, and that is the old city hall!
    Kleine Beer in "The old Charles" Pub and we are on the waterfront!
    This is the river Rhein! This is Cologne! This is Germany!
    An easy and fresh breath and we are welcomed by passing by people: "Hello Eurovision participants" - shouting from every window.
    Hurray Moldova! So Lucky!
    We are greeted with flowers and folk songs…

    But the Music Store is suddenly moving to a different location!
    And after aimlessly wandering around the packing store, digging into the old guitars, we went further, taking with us the store’s book…
    Luckily Valeriu found a super mundstuck

    Near the Cologne Cathedral we found an old cafe where, in the company of older Germans, we had a coffee...
    We took some pictures by the cathedral, went inside and then drove back home…
    On the way back we listened to the 2011 Eurovision songs, singing along and discussing the plans for the next day…
  • Овечка Миорица
    7 may 2011 08:27
    Ребят, классно спели :) я смотрю репетируете при первой удобной возможности.
  • Janina
    9 may 2011 00:06
    Hi, I really wish you to have a nice time in Germany!
    And I wish, that you will win in my country the ESC!
    Your song is really great: It is full of energy and emotion!
    Besides this, it is fun to see you act on stage.
    I will watch you from a public viewing in Hannover.
    There I'll give you my vote!
    Have good luck - I will you see "So lucky"!



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