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    The city on the Rhine River, the north-western capital, as Dusseldorf is also called!
    This isn’t only the center of advertising and fashion, exhibitions and parties,
    It is also a cute little town with a population of 600,000 people, which have a place to work and rest!
    Generally, in the area of ​​the city live 8 million.

    The guide is a great storyteller,
    And almost every corner immediately has its own story.
    It is fun to walk through open spaces with a guide, the open spaces of "Dussel" (as I jokingly named it)…
    On the green lawn, standing around our guide, we started our tour…
    At the first glance, I can say that Dussel very organically blends various architectural and generally life styles…
    Here is a building made of glass, iron and concrete. It cleans itself.

    Next to it is a hilly green lawn with trimmed bushes …
    This is a reminder that once there was an old channel.
    And here is the local parliament and a museum is under it!
    An extraordinary love for history and wish to preserve everything for future generations - that's what I thought about.

    Here's the building of super-architects ...
    One of them resembles a house, covered with fish scales with undulating walls.
    The rent price for 1 square meter is 5,000 euro…
    I could not live here!
    And close to it are a few other strange buildings with cafes.
    And then a dock, an old railway, boats, a few interesting installations…
    Nearby there is a tower with an overview of the entire Düsseldorf!

    And here is the old city – from the late Middle Ages.
    The old Customs, the Basilica of Santa Lambertusa and an old gas lamp.
    Silence, unity and flowering acacia - white, red and yellow ...

    How wonderful that sometimes there is free time during the nomadic touring,
    When you can plunge into the silence of the old Europe and sit in the shade of the flowering chestnut trees, and think of eternity...

    An interesting fact - in Düsseldorf there is the world's largest beer quarter!
    Yes, here people are able to relax. but also to work…

  • Andrei
    9 may 2011 19:36
    oh, hotelosj mne by tam jiti!
  • david (France)
    13 may 2011 10:27
    Have you visited Kraftwerk Kling Klang studio in Dusseldorf ?
  • Oliver (Germany)
    14 may 2011 23:11
    And the best band of the world comes from Dussel :-) The Toten Hosen (Dead

    BTW: A really great crazy show :-)


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