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    In Düsseldorf, there is always something interesting happening!
    The parties are especially popular and every participating country, if it wishes and has the possibility, can organize one.
    Most of the time they take place in the evening in the “Euroclub”
    And usually the party ends with wild dances!
    If you attend all the parties, you may undermine your precious health…
    But some we could not miss…
    Georgians presented their talents thanks to the diaspora, they sang, danced, and rocked with humor and southern temperament!
    Eldrine sang not just their songs, but also folk songs.
    In "Euroclub" there was an atmosphere of joy and positive until the morning
    At the same time, our second rehearsal, held at ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf, was a bit stressful in the beginning…

    First - the playback "jumped",
    Then we could not determine the exact location for the bass player’s microphone stand,
    In the second half of the song “they” changed the place wherefrom our fairy on the monocycle had to come up on stage.
    Generally, everything seemed like not sticking together...
    But after watching the rehearsal video in the viewing room, we calmed down, and made some notes for ourselves.
    The benefit is that the main director liked our show and he kept on jumping around the room and communicating his thoughts ...
    I changed the soles on my “sultan” shoes, thanks to a highly qualified Schumacher’s professional,
    Now my shoes do not slip.

    And then the time for another press conference has come!
    I apologized for my "Oxford" accent, and everything went great:
    We joked, reminisced about our favorite Jos Stelling and Terry Gilliam,
    Sang and shook the kushmas…

    After the press conference and a dozen of interviews,
    During which we had a rule - the journalists should wear the cosmo-caps while taking the interview!
    Further our path continued to the hotel - time for lunch (cause it’s 19:00 o’clock already).
    Another day of "rest" came to an end ...
    Show must go on!
    Numai bine!
  • artjom_kz
    10 may 2011 04:31
    Роман, все просто супер! Чувствуется, что с каждым разом репетиции все лучше и
    лучше проходят, хотя мы смотрим только со стороны. Ждем и болеем! Вперед,
  • yurr4ik
    10 may 2011 11:30
    А где Дандеш Виктор??? где трамбон....ха ха я только сейчас заметил что его
    нет)))) Серьезно, почему без него???
  • artjom_kz
    10 may 2011 20:39
    На сцене Евровидения во время выступления должно быть не более 6 человек.
    Видимо, Виктор оказался лишним из-за присутствия феи. Ну я так думаю.
  • Murmansk
    10 may 2011 22:02
    Даже никого другого слушать не хочется, победителей я для себя уже давно
    определила))) Россия за вас)))
  • yurr4ik
    11 may 2011 09:43
    Эх жалко что так....тРамбон был бы еще как в тему!!!)))))


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