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    That is, departing from the beach, behind the old lighthouse, I saw a different sea:
    There is wind, there are waves here...
    Finalized and launched a flying snake...It got up pretty high, even the local helicopter flew past it

    In the depths we caught a green crab, but luckily I read that they are included in the Red Book and the dream about the soup disappeared by itself...
    After over-breathing clean air and being filled with impressions, we returned to the hotel.
    The kids were satisfied, tired, hungry and happy!
    After examining the area, on the advice of friends, we decided to go to Donuzlav...
    And here we are! An amazing place: fluffy water, sand, few people, lovely view...
    Tent, cauldron, guitar, fishing at sunset... here red mullet and horse mackerel might be caught.
    Martian Location...Then we decided to go to Tarkhankut - the edge of the Crimean world!
    This place is fascinating! A haven for divers and for all those who love the wild and free world,
    All around - cliffs, rocks, steppes... the Tauris lure the ships, in order to rob them.Be careful not to stumble!
    Here, even a small guest house on the cliffs was arranged, that's a fishing guild, and there is another old lighthouse ...
    Horses are grazing here, there is Tatar cuisine: a vat of pilaf, wine in plastic bottles, like a in a Gypsy camp...

    A few tourists are jumping from the rocks, a very skinny diver shot a peacock wrasse with a harpoon.
    Next, according to the plan - a walk along the coast: adults – 70 UAH, children – fir free ...
    From the sea – quite a different story!
    Unmoor! All hands on deck! And in full sail speed ahead!
    Magical views! Tarkhankut – pure beauty! Crimea is unique...



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