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    Thanks to our friends, we spent the first half of our vacation on the Evpatoria Coast:
    In comfort and occasionally creeping into the wild... 

    On the eve of our departure to the next haven, we spent the evening in the company of friends, with a guitar... 
    We had long discussions about Crimea and the way it was ... for example, during the Pushkin times! 
    Who lived here before? How was the sea, the nature and people? 
    In the same time, musicians were playing on the dance floor... 
    Legendary musicians, by the way! Some of them even played in the “Noroc” band. 

    Thank you to all the guys from Simferopol! 
    Special thanks for hospitality to “Prometheus plus” pension.
    After the spiritual get-together and the songs about the girl from Nagasaki, we have identified our way to Kerch, to the Russian banks! 

    A new day: breakfast, gathering and departure... 
    On the way, beautiful views from the windows, fresh fruits, and mountains in the distance ... 
    It is a pity that during this trip we didn’t reach the Southern coast! 
    What great mountains are there! There are no ugly places in the world!
    It is true, the man, out of greed, has left his “footprints” in many of them... 
    And in Crimea, unfortunately, there is a lot of debris, concrete and barbed wire... 
    But this is a unique place with all its complicated history! 

    Further, according to the plan, we had an interesting journey from the West Coast to the East! 
    Through the entire Crimea: Simferopol, Belogorsk, Staryi Krym, Feodosia and the hero town - Kerch! 
    But you, have you been in Kerch? 

  • Киана
    7 july 2011 16:24
    Вам бы в жж сообщество один-мой-день писать ))) животрепещуще бы получилось :)
  • Cristina
    7 july 2011 18:02
    si eu am fost acolo vara asta si e super.....unele locuri te lasa fara cuvinte si
    chear fara rasuflare....sunt de acord cu voi,dar pt a vizita tot cei acolo iti
    tb o geanta plina de timp,caci alaturi de minunatiile acestea nici nu observi
    cum se evapora timpul
    Va ador si imi pare rau ca nu neam intilnit pe acolo :)


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