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    The songs in English and Romanian were made on the streets of Berlin and Chisinau.

    Mihai and I suggest you not jump to conclusions when you will listen to the album...

    Listen to it carefully and with a good sound quality, if it possible of course...

    It’s an unusual, special work…

    So, when you will listen to it for the first time it’s very possible that you won’t get it...

    What’s interesting is that there will be several versions of the album.

    What made us move away from our old style?!

    It is impossible for me to give an exact answer.

    Certain circumstances and situations made us want to accomplish this dream...

    We all admire someone when we are young...

    Rolling Stones, The Stooges, Rollins Band, Jane’s Addiction…

    Thanks to them was born the idea of recording an album with songs in English!!!

    Even though for many of you this album won’t be the Zdob și Zdub that you know,
    it will still be Us!!!

    At first you have to read the introduction, see how it all began...

    But I will tell you more about this some other time...


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