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    After we met Marc Elsner, the man who worked on the last album of gypsy brass orchestra Fanfare Ciocărlia, Kings and Queens project, gypsy band Mahala Raï Banda, we made the decision to record our sixth album.


    Guten Tag, Berlin!

    What will the new album be like?

    Afterlistening to the demo version of the future songs we came to the conclusion that it sounds too folk, we have to add an urban sound and move a little bit away from the Balkan influences. In other words, there were some big changes to be made.

    Yes, it’s was kind of risky...

    For several weeks we’ve been selecting the most interesting tracks in order to process them, make some sketches, change something in a song or even the whole song, share some files on internet. Marc had a very significant role in the whole working process; he was the one to give us courage to throw ourselves into this great experimental adventure.

    When we finally gathered a big collection of demo records we’ve decided to fly to Berlin. So on 6 April, 2010 we were on our way to the airport.

    Berlin welcomed us with great weather and wonderful flowering Magnolias!

    The atmosphere in the city impressed us with its beautiful simplicity; there wasn’t any mark of fakeness or any effort to look sophisticated! All the people were riding bikes! We’ve decided to enter the Brandenburg gates like true Berliners – on our bikes.

    The bicyclists in Germany are being respected, that is why there are lots of bicycle lanes.

    So healthy and pleasant: ecological, no stress, no waste of money and no time spent stuck in traffic...

    There were five of us preparing to enter the studio and start the adventure

    Igor Dînga – the manager of the band

    Andrei Cebotari – drums

    Sveatoslav Staruș (aka the Ginger) - guitar

    Mihai – composer, bass guitar

    Roman – vocals

    Next, we spent 23 days practicing Hoch Deutsch, covering daily 20 km to the studio and back home, on our bikes, passing along the Reichstag, enjoying the excellent Weiss beer in the legendary Punk Pizza and of course taking full advantage of the splendid spring nature, memories that for sure will serve as source of inspiration for the future songs.


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