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    So, what are we going to do in our first day spent at the studio? 
    First before, we analyze the studio, what it offers us, the variety of instruments...
    We record the drums...
    In short time we overcome the language barrier...
    Vietnamese, Indian, Lebanese cuisine...
    The most important thing is to stay relaxed!!!

    What about the musical material?
    At the moment the provisional track list is the following one:
    1. Goodbye
    2. 7 Min
    3. Krujka
    4. So Lucky
    5. Just Love You
    6. Route 66
    7. Jingle Bells
    8. Haiduk
    9. Jos Mafia
    10. Cimpoi
    11. Italia
    12. Nistru
    13. Codrii
    14. Dunărea
    These are also provisional titles of the songs.
    Incidentally, some of these songs we created in the studio, right in the first week!!!

    Marc & Zdob și Zdub
    During the recording process Marc is experimenting a lot with music...
    The songs are beginning to change, to gain new traits... 
    A big variety of instruments is being used in the working process: keyboard instruments, sitar, Turkish folk instrument, grand piano, keyboard bass, accordion, trumpet, trombone, flute, ocarina, bagpipe, castanets… 

    What’s next?
    We’ve started working with Marc’s friend, Andy, from New York, who helps us with the lyrics...
    A creative atmosphere surrounds us although none of us knows exactly what will result in the end!
    However we and Marc are optimistic.
    During the time between rehearsals we watch on YouTube the work of Rick Rubin and of course remember the movie "Funky Monks”
    If in his case everything has to be ORGANIC, for Marc everything has to be SEXY.
    In the weekend we will go to see the "Challenge” – a Cindy Blackman project
    Crazy Funk!!!
    There will be three legendary musicians on the stage, who worked in the past with Prince, James Brown, Lenny Kravitz...
    A live, green sound, Africa, beer... everything is very ORGANIC!
    And finally it’s for photos and autographs.

    What a great weekend!!!



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