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    Recording Fender Prestige with four strings – sounds rather old school! 
    Patterns of future songs can already be seen.
    The new strings sound well, it takes us two days to record the bass guitar.
    Then we listen to the recorded material in order to see how it sounds, the conclusion is that there are some changes to be made...

    In the evening we are no longer able to discern the sound normally, so we decide to listen to it in the morning, with a clear mind.
    Sometimes we add the bass with keyboards.
    The bass and the drums are the foundation!!!
    Done! Recorded!
    Have to move further...
    American Ovation, YAMAHA with 12 strings, Spanish acoustic guitar... it adds new colors to the composition
    And now a small lyrical digression...
    Music is infinite!!!
    You can always discover something new...
    I recommend you to watch "The musical brain" featuring Sting.

    We had no idea what the new album should be like.
    We just wanted to create something new, something that we’ve never done before!

    So now it’s kind of hard for me to recall the whole working process, how it started, it was all step by step.
    Some ideas that we thought would be accomplished in the new album were left behind.
    For example the songs "Balcanica" and "La o Margine de Lume".
    We used to sing them at the concerts, but in the end we just dropped them.
    Some ideas were born instantly or in the studio… a kind of Brainstorm!

    You just have to clear your mind, create a relaxing atmosphere, without any conflicts, accusations and don’t feel blue!!!
    After this you’ll see how new ideas will reach you!!!

    The truth is that many of these tracks have rhymes, tunes that we have discovered long ago, but we let them grow, and like the wine with the time passing they became even more valuable…

    Indeed there is no recipe for creating an artistic work!!!


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