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    After we met the music producer Kader, we decided to work together. We really liked his approach to the working process with the Gaidamaki band, we played along with them at the closing of the "Linz tour” festival. There we’ve noticed how much they grew. Then, after talking to the Ukrainian rockers we found out that they made such great progress thanks to the trainings with Kader.

    Just before the release of the new album "Basta Mafia!" we decided to start working with Kader on the this material. Kader has a special approach towards the working process, in the style of the athletes; he demands seriousness and a lot of effort.

    From his point of view the working process involves mutual respect, discipline, a lot of rehearsals and of course the analysis of the results.

    From the very beginning we were wondering how we will play live the songs from the album. We’ve worked with lots of instruments on this album so playing it live would involve much trouble and the most important another 2/3 artists, which is truly impossible.

    So, we took the decision to change the arrangements and change a little bit the songs in order to make it possible to play them live.

    With the time passing if you don’t learn new things, don’t grow, you start forgetting what you’ve already learnt. You no longer pay attention to the details, choose the comfort. Actually, we even started felling the weight of those 15 years of concert tours... And so you get to slow down. But it wasn’t meant to be this way! We returned to the energy of the old rehearsals. Till the windows are sheltering, this is how the true rock must sound! I even remembered the old wrestling workouts. On the carpet and sweat! Before the championship, an even more intense rhythm, two trainings per day.

    The same feeling I have while working with Kader, although it is hard to express it in words.

    Besides this, we really improved our technical skills.




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