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    Roman Yagupov:

    After we finished the video for Running, I decided that the next video I’ll do on my own. What resulted in the end it’s upon you to decide.

    I chose to make a video for the song Gipsy life and along with my friends from some previous projects, Igor Circov and Eugene Teleguz, without letting know the rest of the guys started to work on the video. However, later we realized that we need a team.

    The working process was primarly based on improvization.

    The main theme of the song is the life of the musicians... always on the road...

    Aerports, railway stations, junkie food, hotels, customs, borders, etc

    Life in limbo!

    The song was written by me and Mark, the lyrics I wrote in Turkey last spring.

    Andy and Mark translated it for us.

    We worked on the video during the night and one, by one; I started calling the other guys.

    By the way, we will show you what happened behind the scenes, so there will be a making-of…

    I brought to the shootings all that was at hand, my son’s guitar, hats from Azerbaijan and other devices.

    In the building where we were shooting the video we found a wheelchair, we used it too.

    While we were making the montage we watched lots of pop art works to get inspired.

    Finally, it took us two months to finish the video!

    Igor Chirkov:

    We met Roman at the shootings of a movie about the history of Moldova. I was the director and Roman was trying his hand at presenting a television movie. We started discussing about the Zdob si Zdub music, that the band changed its style and is trying to reach new audiences in Europe. Finally, we came to the conclusion that we should try make a video that would suit the new changes in the music style of the band. And who else could do it if not Roman, who understands better than anyone else what is this change all about. I told him to take a risk and try himself in a new amplua – as a director, screenwriter and producer, in other words try to make the video on his own! And we (me - movie director Igor Chircov-Ghibu and Eugene Teleguz – a very good and creative director of photography) will help you. Roma chose to make a video for a song about musicians - wanderers that is in fact about them, the Zdob si Zdub band. We sketched a few ideas and started to work, mainly improvising.

    And this is how Roman, for the first time is his life became the director of a video for Zdob si Zdub. We were shooting during the night in a small studio in MoldExpo. The montage I did along with Roman in the breaks between the rehearsals and concerts. My thirteen-year old son, Yegor enthusiastically modeled and animated computer graphics for as long as Roma did not say that he is happy with the result. Also, the painter Serghey Bucur gave us some practical advice regarding the fonts and the color scheme and in a few days we finished it. It is good or bad - this will decide the admirers of the Zdob si Zdub band.

    Click Here to watch the new video "Gipsy life"


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