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    Too bad there were no barrels of white and red wine in the club
    Backstage, friends ...
    They brought red wine from La Taifas (Moldovan cuisine restaurant on str. Red October)
    Drinking goes easily, but to get up from the table is already difficult
    the concert is ahead ...
    “Cuibul” plays, it's not boring
    There is a bald bruiser in front of the stage,
    looks like a Chelsea fan
    He smiles, uplifts his hands to the sky...
    He’s trying to dance
    The atmosphere is good
    It's chaos in backstage
    Everything got mixed
    Fellow countrymen
    Waiter ...
    The bruiser disappeared
    Security guards took him out...
    The first concert is always crude
    None of the guests came
    E.Vitorgan, S.Mihalok, A.Sklear, Jasnyi Denj band,
    It is understandable, the artists are busy ...
    A soul friend (voice on TV) joined us
    He’s saying, I will be the compere!
    We are playing - the sound is harsh
    Buzzing, a lady jumps on stage
    I think, I must somehow involve her
    She’s drunk
    I take her by the waist, waltzing, only faster
    all these
    under nunta extremala, I put her on stage
    she falls
    I lay with her on stage, continuing to sing and dance lying ....
    Then she disappeared somewhere ...
    Also, after cognac
    Went over the limit
    The public is confused
    Of course, no one recognized the voice
    For him, get out!
    He yells into the microphone
    Overall, the concert took place
    It was fun ...

    In our village there were a hundred songs about red wine!
    and only a song about white
    -Oh, you, white wine!
    why aren’t you red? (I think it's from a movie)


  • Оксана
    15 october 2010 12:41
    его не то что не узнали -
    он говорил-говорил,
    и не было сил
    все это слушать.
    он себе нравился сам -
    а нам
    хотелось музыки, песен,
    музыки молдавской речи,
    музыки солнечной,
    красного вина музыки,
    белого вина
    и ма-ма-лы-ги!
  • Atia
    15 october 2010 21:12
    bun e vinul ghiurghiuliu diridididadidadida
    cules toamna pe tarziu
    mult mai beau si nu ma imbat
    diridididadidadida :))
    poate am si eu noroc
    la bucuresti sa ma intorc
    in iarna cat mai stau in loc
    sa vad si eu Zdub si Zdob :))
    ca sa rimeze...
  • Desso
    16 october 2010 21:07
    Концерт был отличный! В общем как всегда) Не пропускаю ни одного концерта в
    Москве, жаль стали они так нечасты... И в этот раз - полный восторг. Крутиться в
    бешеном ритме, прыгатьтак, что начинают дрожать икры ног, петь в полный голос
    то, чего не понимаешь - разве это не фантастика? "Голос на первом" был изрядно
    пьян и мешал, а вот импровизация с молдавской свадьбой и московской "невестой"
    удалась! :) Приехал домой и выпил полбутылки красного, задор не проходил) Так и
    допил ее... до конца) В общем, БРАВО, Роман, браво ZSZ!
    Бей в барабаны!


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