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    Budapest - the first concert of the tour.

    On the board of Artemovska that once used to transport bricks is situated the club and restaurant A 38, right on the Danube River.

    After the lunch we got on the board, the sound check didn’t go very well since we had some problems with the equipment.

    The first one to go on the stage is the Romano Trayo, the boys who love the gipsy campfire songs.

    There are more than 600 people...

    After the dinner we give our first interview to our friends that work in this club. Shandor and Gaya (the "Children of Picasso” band)

    The atmosphere is wonderful, feels like home (thanks to Shandor).

    The Romano Trayo are already singing and dancing on the stage, we are preparing ourselves for the concert, putting on our kilts and armor and... just when the intro started the circuit breaker jumped off. And as if it wasn’t enough before the concert we've been told that in Istanbul our equipment has been stolen. (We are left with no batteries)

    40 minutes before the concert we rented the missing equipment.

    It was rather obvious that we started with the wrong foot...

    But it turned out to be ok. The show was good; it was pretty crazy, we blew everyone away! Although the songs sounded rather different, since they have been adapted to the live performance, audience's reaction was great.

    At the headlights of the shore you could see the ice floating on the Danube River... it’s still surprising to realize how wonderful the world can be.

    We already have the first CDs and vinyl records with autographs!

    Our wrists hurt, the eyes hurt but still we find happiness in music.



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