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    The second concert – We just cannot reach Vienna!

    Because of the lack of time we couldn’t manage visit the city.
    The OST club is as usually full, you cannot even breathe...

    Mozart left Vienna for Prague, but we decided to stay. Around us – an international party, the new tracks are sung in chorus, in fact the old ones too. Someone is pulling my "Basarabian kilt”, Kader is leading us, the eccentric art director is wailing that the Government doesn’t finance the concerts anymore, that he had to convince our ambassador to come to the concert, that the Austrians are pretty slow...

    In the backstage is really crowded, someone is smoking joints, in other words - chaos... posters, CDs, autographs, all sort of people...

    The Moldavian ambassador is smiling, some other parties are held in the club at the same time... you can hear Russian underground music.

    After the concert we go to the "Three crowns” hotel to take a nap... the weekend is waiting for us.

    All the cafes are closed so we have to eat breakfast at the hotel and pack our luggage. Since we have free time we decide to go visit Prague...


    In one store of old musical instruments we met a girl from Sankt Petersburg. Her name is Dina! She lives in Prague so she is very familiar with the city and its history. What a pleasant meeting and wonderful chance to spend our free time in such a beautiful city!

    We are walking on the streets on which once monarchs used to walk... here everyone is Vaclav (the most common name).

    We enjoy the beautiful architecture, the famous Mucha (his projects), the first bridge, right there is the house where Mozart lived, this is the monument of Karol, Czech taverns, pubs, Catholic churches and cathedrals, cobbled streets, the Vltava river (tributary of the leftthe Elbe).

    Everything around us is clear history!

    We end our long walk at the head of the state residence; this place is located above the sea level. From here we can see the whole city, we breath the fresh almost spring air and there above the stars are kindly shining.

    We cannot believe that we had such a wonderful day, without any rush... this is such a rare thing in our lives.

    Thank you Prague! Thank you Dina!



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