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    Trash art, trucks with trafaret, graffiti on the walls. Iron and concrete...

    The club resembled a medieval almshouse or an asylum, this was the first thing that came up to my mind when I saw the rock club in Jena. We’ve been served with a cup of coffee and then we’ve been offered to sleep in a track without windows but with a compartmnet equipped with a fireplace for each of us!

    However we had to refuse them and go search for a hotel…

    In the evening the show must go and must go on really hard, till we fall dead, till we cannot feel our body and the bone calcium is at the limit.

     Fraternization with the crumpled Dj, beer, drinks, shower, cans, a movie, bed, breakfast and here we are on the road again...


    I came to the conclusion that all the European clubs are very alike, I don’t know what kind of trend, league is this, I guess is the same league of punk rock and cultural event, that as far as I can see have evolved from the medieval shapito to... what we see now
    So, what should I understand, are we some kind of new generation of trubadours?

    Or someone resembling that character from the movie "The flying Dutchman" by Jos Stelling

    Victoria is front row

    Valerica holds his gabpipe under his arm

    The wind is blowing straight into our faces
    Some pasta before the show

    Unity with the public...

    A new setlist

    Fraternization with the bartenders, smoke, hugs, autographs, a good sleep, whiskey, noise, snoring, heat...






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