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    The Gypsy Baron was buried just about like this:
    As the body was bought out of the house, the orchestra struck up the national anthem,
    then the portrait of the deceased was mounted on the jeep
    and the brass band began to play the MILITARY march!
    Black sunglasses were put on him, because it was a bright sunny day.
    At the cemetery, the orchestra played "Moscow Nights" two hours in a row.
    At the church the guns were fired up, to drive away the evil spirits.
    The priest was covering his ears and was constantly crossing himself ...
    At the memorial service all the guests were treated with rolls in cabbage leaves
    with meat of stolen turkey with bones.
    But then everything was like in the movies of Emir Kusturica...

  • Оксана
    17 october 2010 14:13
    в пятницу в Москве был концерт Бреговича, и в конце уже концерта, играя что-то из
    веселого похоронного, он сказал - Don't die, we are too expensive for funerals!
  • zdubsi
    17 october 2010 16:19
    Брэгович, Кустурица, Брэгович, Кустурица, Брэгович, Кустурица, Брэгович,
    Кустурица, Кустурица, Кустурица, Кустурица, Брэгович, цыгане, цыгане, цигане!
    Цой! ЦоЙ! ЦоЙ!
  • Mar
    17 october 2010 18:08
    Вай мэй! С очками они здорово придумали!
  • belka
    17 october 2010 18:44
    ждем нового альбома...
  • DiplomaT
    18 october 2010 07:47
    za best
  • Dasha KO
    18 october 2010 14:55
    Аха =}


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