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    March 28, Sunday

    Rock’n’roll gets even crazier!

    Steinbuch – a great club; has its own kitchen and a special place where you can take a nap...

    Thank God, this time we won’t have to go to the hotel after the concert.

    Right before the show I managed to prepare some pasta, although to jump and shout with your stomach full of pasta is not quite comfortable, but I need a source of energy...

    In the club – an international public.

    I speak to everyone in a crazy mixture of Romanian, Russian and German.

    The public mainly consists of Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians and Germans.

    I improve my Hoch Deutsch!

    The mood- definitely victory!

    Smiles, big hora, o-o-O

    A total trance...

    After the show: fraternization with the waiters, autographs, taking some photos and... draft beer.

    And yet I dream about a tasty zeama, borș and mămăliga*.

    *traditional Moldovan cuisine



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