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    What resulted was a kind of mini fest: we along with a Romanian Band Mahala Rai Banda, in translation „Gang of paradise in our neighborhood”. It’s a drum fanfare that performs a kind of music for weddings but adapted to a European style, very positive guys.

    To the concert also came our friends: Stefan "Mers” and Sven "Bugs Bunny” the voice of the German animation. (Sven told us that the event hasn’t been promoted enough and suggested us to promote it by spreading flyers in the student’s hostels)

    Our friends Marc, Henry and Helmut also came to the concert...

    The club is very small, but quite roomy; however the stage seems to be too small, especially for the guys from Mahala...

    Still a birthday is a reason to celebrate!

    The Asphalt Tango Company has a huge catalog of gypsy music, in the club everywhere you could see lots of posters, and also you could buy any album from all launched over time by Asphalt Tango. Just before the start of the show everyone is hustling – all the people are being served with Russian vodka.

    It’s the second time we perform along with the Mahala Rai Banda so we were really happy to meet them again... It will be a special program: we and the Gang from paradise! It will definitely be a great night!

    Someone from a competing label delivered a congratulatory speech, the audience is made up of both young and old people... everyone is expecting the start of the show!

    The shamanism had started; Indian roots combined with Balkan music generate something totally crazy!

    The climax of the whole show was the interpretation of the song "Cuculetul” in a total „bacchanalia”! Along with us on the stage was Mahala Rai Banda. Absolutely ecstatic! The show was followed by an ethno party. After this we went to sleep in a student’s hostel... In the hostel all night long some drunk French guys were making a lot of noise. Finally, when the police came they calmed down and everyone went to sleep.

     Special thanks for photos to Solomon Skuleansky



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