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    In Cologne it was about the same as in Berlin. To the concert came the ex-wife of our director, Elika (she helped us with the merchandising). She bought a vinyl, was very quiet and soon after the concert left on her bike.

    Our friend Arcadie also came, he was preoccupied with taking pictures of everyone...

    Also we were very happy to see the former member of the former band Raketobyl. He came with his wife. We spent some time recalling the Chisinau of the 90’. The mayor of Cologne was also there, he came with a friend. And of course lots of old hippies. They were smoking and laughing very loud.

    The Mahala were already in the dressing room.

    One shot of vodka and let’s start it!

    I will try to describe what followed next...

    The audience almost deafened, you couldn’t feel your legs, your eyes hurt because of the smoke, your whole body feels like burning, your thighs are shaking and all around you is this tough smell of sweat and horses.

    In other words, we did it and it was great!

    Happy Birthday Asphalt!

    Shall we dance a Tango?



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