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    I guess the great fixer* would love this place; it seems to the perfect place for building up his team. The type of village - town place.

    However despite its provincialism it has a rock club.

    I doubt that, for example in Jmerica* they have something similar to this...

    Meanwhile here, after spending the whole day working in the farm the villager go home, take a shower, have dinner and go to the concert of their favorite punk or country band.

    Yet it’s so romantic, dammit!

    Drinking beer and enlightening yourself!

    And why should they feel worse than others?

    There were not so many people at the concert, but all of them were very happy to see us and... full of energy.

    All of them were dancing like „happy Cypriots” at the Celebration of Wine.

    Right in front of the stage, just from the first beats a guy started to dance, he looked much like Piotr Mamonov*.

    It was really funny to look at him; he was dancing and smiling like crazy...

    Wawww! This is really unbelievable; in this small town we met some Moldavians. After the show they invited us to a zeama, we were so thankful to them...

    The next day, a woman whose name is Doina invited us to have a Moldavian dinner with a bit of poured brandy.

    We sang all together "Bordeias”*, gave them our albums, hugged each other, dropped a tear when recalling Moldova and left for Hamburg.

    Thank you Doina!

    Goodbye everyone!

    *(Ostap Bender) the main character of the Ilf and Petrov novels

    *a village in Ukraine

    *famous Russian actor and rock musician

    *Moldavian folk song



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