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    And we continue our tour…

    On the road, again…

    We spent a night in a very nice hotel with a very creative design. We really liked it!

    On the walls outside the window, from the top to the bottom were hanging buckets with flowers.

    In the hotel room instead of hangers there were hanging mousetraps and plungers…

    Once again, I had to admit that Germans are really fond of Kunst (Art) and… good music

    Tomorrow we will perform in the legendary Markthalle, were such famous bands like Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers used to play.

    Even though it’s Monday the tickets are almost sold out.

    The strings are broken, our ligaments are wheezing, the bass is humming, drums are crackling and pipes are ringing!

    People are dancing and shouting!

    We feel like true Shamans, seriously!

    After the concert we went for a walk with some friends!


    There is a place we cannot miss, the place where Beatles when they were just in their early career had some trouble with the police (Harrison was too young so he was violating labor laws)

    Reeperbahn – the place visited by everyone, from politicians to beggars. The place where women used to wove marine ropes… It’s a place or rather a whole street, area, where wives married to sailors used to put a ribbon on their hair which meant that they are free and available in exchange to money.

    It’s the largest European cesspool of entertainment and sin… the famous Reeperbahn!

    We are lucky to have a guide who knows everything around here!

    His name is Maxim Tskhai. A blogger, biker, traveler who enjoys art house movies and non commercial music, a true friend. In other words, a very interesting and smart companion. He looks a little bit like Genghis Han. Along with him came his friend and some fans.

    We walk on the illuminated streets; brief the fresh air, everywhere around us we see the lights of the restaurants and on the corners the ladies of the evening with their pimps.

    Yet there are a lot historical monuments worth to be visited.

    Here is the Star Club, where once the young Beatles, Ray Charles, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis used to work part time.

    Night clubs, houses of tolerance and lots of creepy side streets.

    In other words, the true „Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll”!

    Here is an old church with a white facade, founded by the wives of the sailors...

    Usually, in working days there aren’t so many people, however in the weekend it is full.

    Lots of freaks, tourists...

    Maxim says that here the Germans show their true nature...

    Since we were rather hungry we decided to go grab something to eat.

    After some really interesting conversations we went to a very old pub. From the counter the owner greeted us with a barely discern Hallo. The lame lady served us beer and right after the jukebox started we all felt as if our head became really cloudy and all our thoughts really slow.

    The concert was left somewhere in the past, in some other life and I was very sleepy...

    We wished everyone a good life, good luck and left on our bus

    Maxim thank you for your hospitality and the great time spent with you all!

    Good Bye, Hamburg!




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