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    It’s almost 1000 years since last time there was a war here.

    A country where you can feel the smell of money.

    The best concert will be held in Zurich!

    It will be organic and decisive!

    I feel very exhausted.

    We covered a distance of 700 km...

    This is the 14th concert of the tour.

    And how I wish for a borș* but unfortunately all that I will get is some moldy cheese and eggs…

    Today we will perform in a truly great jazz club.

    It is located in a neighborhood where most of the clubs are like this. It also has an excellent acoustic.

    Still, I guess someone from the audience would better describe this show than someone who is directly involved in it. However I will just try to express my feelings…

    We are doing the sound check…

    Of course we couldn’t manage to have dinner…

    What time is it? I have no idea…

    With the help of the lady from the bar I’m trying to write a short speech in the Austrian dialect.

    We eat something in a hurry and start making/changing the track list. We take a sip of coffee and start dressing for the show. We are too exhausted to go in search of the hotel; I really feel that I might fall asleep in this chair.

    My whole body hurts.

    In the club the Dj starts playing Balkan and Romanian music.

    The dressing room is quite small; the desk is sprinkled with chips, snacks, what’s left from the beer and water…

    The people start gathering in the club, it’s almost full.

    Noise, excitement…

    Our tour manager Denis says it’s time to start.

    So we get up, pass the street, enter through the central door and go straight to the backstage.

    The music starts, there is a lot of noise, everyone seems trying to get in the first row.

    My throat hurts so I take a magic pill and suddenly the level of adrenaline and the heart rate start increasing.

    We all feel quite anxious, on the last concert someone pulled out the guitar wires from the outlet.

    We were about to cancel the show…

    I feel like there is no gravitation…


    I take the last sip of water and get on the stage.

    First the drums start and then… let the show begin!

    Flashes of light, people, I can’t see anything but a big, illegible spot…

    The decibel noise…

    My ligaments hurt, I start jumping, performing some ancestral dances…

    It’s really hot in here and you can feel the energy of the public.

    From the stage to the public the heart is pumping blood, finally my muscles start doing their job…

    My joints crack, the brain reaches another level, the one of flight and detach.

    I feel both concentrated and unfocused…

    The show is in full swing!


    *traditional Ukrainian cuisine




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