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    Take a closer look at the ten-ruble bill!

    Exactly in that place,
    on the great Russian river Yenisey, in Krasnoyarsk, I spent one of the most wonderful summer Sundays in my life ....

    Meanwhile, the band Zdob si Zdub was making its way to the stage that in 30 minutes was covered with white, freshly printed Xerox paper ... (the lyrics)
    The stadium was roaring with otherworldly power! Bi2 was playing and everybody was celebrating the Metallurgist Day... in Dneprodzerzhinsk!
    One day before we’ve celebrated the Metallurgist Day in Krasnoyarsk. The band took a flight from Chisinau to Moscow and therefrom to Krasnoyarsk. There is a big difference between the time zones and we almost had no sleep ...
    A concert in the evening, another in the night, in the morning departing for the third!
    At the airport, check in, sitting in an aquarium, waiting for boarding...
    I was falling asleep, feeling somehow uncomfortable, announcement – our flight is delayed.
    I went out in a hall, sat in an armchair and decided to take a nap...
    and as if I collapsed
    I hear through the fog that something is announced again,
    I go out, take a look at the take-off,
    but our plane is already in the air!
    , thats it, Im fucked up...
    no money, no personal belongings, and, next to me, Max from “Nogu Svelo” is hobbling

    and holding his head, and suspiciously looking at me, and
    tidy… one more plane to the capital… top top!
    Well, I go to the ladies at the desk, in a clueless state,
    muttering something: “I have a concert today!”, screaming,
    “Do something! I need a plane!”
    Well, they called the representative of Aeroflot and he says: “I can not help you,
    it is another flight.
    Where’s your ticket?”
    All of them sent me to the town to return the ticket ... Sympathized and left…
    But I have no money to get to the town.
    Thanks God, at least I have the passport!
    Then I got acquainted with the representative of Aeroflot
    He gave me a ride to the office and we began to think, wonder what to do ...
    We were refused in changing the ticket (we roamed the town), called our office, they bought me another ticket,
    the flight is tomorrow! But there is a concert today! How? We have to cancel it...

    Meanwhile, the guys have noticed that I wasn’t with them; they’ve decided to perform anyway. Called our director, he sent the lyrics via email; the tour manager printed them out.
    Each of the musicians has chosen a song, but none of them knew the lyrics! They’ve decided to manage somehow! And, as ill luck would have it, they didn’t make it to the sound check (the flight was late), and they had to sing without a rehearsal ...
    The organizers were not told that the lead vocalist was left behind.
    If only the band played traditional music! Then, perhaps, it would have been much easier, but Zdob si Zdub is a crossover! The devil will break thy leg, trying to sing it without preparation is not realistic.

    Our sound engineer had never laughed so much!
    Thanks God, the audience was at a decent distance, and no one understood anything, probably it wasn’t the first day they were celebrating the Metallurgist Day!

    Generally, at the time when I opened a beer on the bridge, Mihai (bass) was shouting on the stage: “Singing all together: videli noch...”
    Of course, none of the guys knows the lyrics by heart, and singing, playing, reading an unfamiliar text and communicating with the audience at the same time is something not quite worked out, it is difficult without training.

    The organizers thought that everything was the way it had to be, and took it, probably, as an experimental show, cordially shaking hands with Denis, our tour manager, and thanking for the great drive.
    The audience was far away, the guys, gritting the teeth, were straining their brains and cords and praying that all this would end quicker...
    But they didn’t want to cancel a concert and they sang as they could!
    This deserves a huge respect!
    And as for me, nobody at all remembered me!
    Shorter, then there was a lot of whiskey, tears, laughter, and joy, for everything went well!
    And this nightmare is in the past!
    Upon the return to Moscow, I was hoping to get a refund for the ticket.
    I was galloping through the subway like a goat (didn’t have much time),
    I looked for the travel agency, found it, but they refused to return the money (like, will return them later),
    Swearing, back to the subway, and on the plane to Chisinau!
    I arrived home, crossed myself and promised that someday I’ll surely write about this...
    Yes, thank you very much to the Aeroflot representative in Krasnoyarsk – Pasha Karelov, for a tour of the city! and for the support in difficult times!
    Pasha, a package from Moldova is on me, I promised… wine, a CD and nuts.

    Since then I always celebrate the Metallurgist Day!


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