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    The story of a song

    Once I scribbled a text about wine, and I really didn’t like it,
    Well, I threw it in the trash bin and forgot about it ...
    Then my woman took it out, washed it, ironed the paper, and presented it to me
    with such positive energy that I took it to the rehearsals.
    Back then we were rehearsing in the evenings,
    at the perfume factory “Viorica”
    in Chisinau.
    I’ve read the text, the guys liked it.
    we’ve sketched the music and glued everything in some kind of form.
    The lyrics were in Russian, the intonation as Rollins’s,
    During those times we were listening to him nights in a row
    Our friends listened to the song and advised us to translate and record it.
    Back then I worked in a school and I remember that
    I wrote the translation with other teachers during a meeting ...
    The song was translated, recorded and given to the radio ...
    I remember listening to our track for the first time on a local radio
    It was... unusual
    Then it was included in the “hardcore moldovenesc” album
    And at the end of the session we’ve also recorded an acoustic version (grotesque)
    After a gig in Odessa,
    Sitting with A.F.Sklyar, we listened to our “hardcore moldovenesc”,
    Out of all the tracks, he noted this song
    But then, early in the morning, with wires, bags, guitars hanging, he disappeared in the fog, on a train
    That was the real hardcore ...

    that we still had to go through.


    the song was written in Russian - the original demo is lost
    recorded in the Moldovan dialect – the “hardcore modovenesc” album, electric and acoustic (humorous) version
    recorded for the “tabara nostra” album, track - Hard-hora moldoveneasca II
    another version for "Ethnomecanica"
    one more version recorded in Hamburg (experimental session), unreleased
    recorded in Russian - the White Wine / Red Wine” album
  • вениамин
    27 october 2010 20:23
    история одной песни - как история целой жизни, не останавливайтесь, прервете -
    кирдык вашей группе! это ваш гимн!
  • atia
    30 october 2010 00:21
    1. hardcore moldovenesc (soooo coool)
    2. hora cosmica
    3. maria blues
    astea 3 le RASascult
  • Eugeniu
    7 december 2010 14:13
    Mmm.. mi-a venit si mie pofta de niste blues moldovenesc


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