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    vocal ligaments checkup

    It was evening in a village of urban-type,
    someone was shouting with a guitar -
    a very powerful voice
    -Who’s screaming like this? - I thought ...
    an unreal voice, could be heard from far away,
    songs of “Mashina Vremeni” were played
    I wanted to get acquainted with him
    I was wondering – who’s playing?
    I remember this picture:
    A jar of wine on the ground, a peasant with a thieves’ cap, pulled over the eyes, sits on his haunches,
    A harmonica in his pocket, a Leningrad guitar,
    he plays
    awesome, very charismatic,
    A repertoire of folklore to rock!
    Exactly reproducing all the chords and lyrics, without any notes.
    I’ve never seen such emotional engagement,
    He made a strong impression on me...
    We got acquainted,
    He was a retired military - Shura Balaganov...
    a very calm and colorful character.
    He inspired me...

    Followed -
    I got home, I cut a mediator from a vinyl (to have a louder accompaniment), I closed all the windows and started to scream!
    “povorot”, (“Povorot” - a famous song of “Mashina Vremeni”)
    not bad.
    Well, I think, I’ll go out in the courtyard,
    to check it on the audience,
    It was already evening
    not a soul on Lenin Street,
    I stood with the guitar and sang in full throat: But everything could have been completely different!
    a smoky man passed by me, coming back from work with string bags,
    Well, seemed like the song and the
    utterance touched his soul, and joyfully he started to yell, tossed the bags, smiled...
    Passed by me like a drunk soldier on the parade square and
    wondered aside...
    Well, I think – he is my audience,
    appreciated me,
    warm-hearted, thanks!
    Means I didn’t sing that badly.
    I did it ...
    Satisfied, I went home.

    Afterwards someone told me that Shura was slaughtered somewhere in a drunken fight...
  • Ski
    29 october 2010 12:00
    Frumoase ?nsemn?ri, Roman. Pline de via??, cu exemple, amintiri, bine aranjate ?i
    mereu surprinz?toare. Tak derjati!
  • о
    1 november 2010 16:43
    Метро. Станция 'Дружбы народов'.
    Я всегда иду навстречу, чтобы посмотреть как прибывает электричка с глухого,
    глубокого туннеля. Увидеть свет, подумать как было бы хорошо повесить у себя
    дома табличку, что там висит - Граница станции.
    А сегодня здесь, у последней колонны, стоит парень. Я впервые вижу такое
    символичное проявление чувств. Играет на губной гармошке девушке, что рядом.
    Именно здесь, в метро.
    И очень хочется верить, что ты нужный прохожий. Что и ты учавствуешь в этой

    Я дома. Губная гармошка разрывается так, что в горле пересыхает.
  • Аделька
    5 april 2011 11:27
    Ох, уж эти записки!!! Сейчас лопну от смеха, жизненно и забавно)))


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