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    What is autumn?
    No, no it’s too early to speak about it…
    What is a vacation?
    Just give me a few days off!
    I want everything that is driving me crazy to be off!

    What keeps me here?
    What I wanna get rid of?

    - Mobile phone and all these calls, the bills

    - Cahul Street, my neighbors

    - Airplanes, buses, flight delays...

    - Facebook after all...

    Bad news, well the everyday Matrix...
    Get me back to my childhood, my Neverland, Wine Dandelion...
    Welcome hours of sleep till the sun scratches my window, the endless sea and the salt that leaves my lips dry...
    Hello strangers, beautiful people!
    Warm breezes, waves that hurt so pleasant and Summer, my Summer!


    For someone leaving for holidays is a true nightmare!
    Luggage, suitcases, warm clothes, summer clothes, casual/formal clothes, children (in other words boooring and exhausting)
    Well, in my case, I threw my pants in a small suitcase, jumped in my Volk’s and here we come Ellada! (as far as I know it’s not so far)
    Living in five stars hotels – boooring…
    Be a true wanderer, Viva Gypsy life!
    Hitchhiking to the Galaxy!

    I don’t feel like describing in details my vacation, better come to visit me and maybe at a cup of tea I’ll tell you my adventures…




    True Star

    a bit of Amelie

    Finally, a jump Not on the stage



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