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    After the crazy December with two concerts in the New Year’s Eve, btw on 12 o’clock we were in the bus, somewhere between Focsani and Botosani (Romania) and let’s not forget the Christmas Symphony concert… well, after all this I promised to my kids that we will go to the mountain to tobogganing…

    Last year we went to Gura Humorului (Romania). We visited lots of monasteries built thanks to Stephan the Great and we made some great purchases… a few handmade carpets!

    It was a unique experience, fresh air, children "make their first steps” on skis, local fish men with their stories and a great occasion to practice my Romanian…

    This year I decided to travel a little bit further, along with my family and some friends – welcome us Verona! And again, my eternal déjà vu, visas, airport, luggage. From Verona we took the bus to Bressanone.

    Here we had great fun, kids finally enjoyed the tobogganing, we wandered on the streets of the South Tyrol and this time I practiced my Italian, well now I can say a few sentences… more or less…

    What definitely surprised me is that in this region they speak not only Italian, but also German and English. Moreover, there is even a language named Retoram, spoken by the Ladini population – at least this is what I recall…

    What about the mountains, I’m still not sure about the name, it seemed to be Alps, but I’ve heard lots of names or maybe I was too confused.

    Bressanone is an old city, very quiet and cosy. We have been lucky to enjoy the snow, so there was a true Christmas atmosphere!

    Also, this place is well-known for its Christmas Market, where you can drink mulled wine, taste all sort of sweets and buy souvenirs – in other words, marvellous!
    In just three days we managed to go tobogganing, visit the old city, swim in a swimming pool with sea water and enjoy the choir singing in a Catholic church (it was a festive liturgy).

    Besides this,we celebrated the birthday of a friend, tasted Italian wine, learned how to make pizza and the most important how to enjoy life and live even for a short period of time in „slow motion”!

    Yes! Another moment of fame, I guess vanity lives in all of us! )) The mayor of the city, after discovering that we are from Moldova and Eurovision finalists invited us to spend a few days in the oldest hotel of the city – the Elephant, even the Pope once stayed there. In other words, not a hotel, but a true XVI century museum. We highly recommend it!

    Also, we went to the Ice Man museum and the fathers had the opportunity to go to a great Tyrol concert (yodelling).

    It was so beautiful that we almost forgot that we have to return home.

    Thank you my friends for the adventures, my children for your whims that are for me precious memories and that remind me that I’m a father, to the pilots for a good flight and to the nature for being so splendid and still bearing us – people.

    Have a great year!

    2014, show us what you can!



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