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    Oh my gosh… on the road again, the outside weather is nothing for us. Amber code alert, our submarine (no, not yellow) transported us safely to the destination – Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest. Last year, we released here our last album – Basta Mafia! As the last time, the club is full.
    Sold Out!
    Awesome! A short rehearsal in the dressing room and we are ready to go on the stage.
    This time, the tracklist is a little bit different, there are new songs along with the old, famous tracks that fit perfectly with the weather outside, Laur Balaur, Haitura.
    We brought our traditional masks, the legendary Doba, the bell, the acoustic guitar, purchased in Montreal, bagpipes and snacks – ready for the show!
    At the concert were present a few friends from Moscow, happy to see them!
    Too bad people smoke in the club. Apparently, the law is not respected. The vocal chords hardly resist…

    We are on the stage!
    Rootsa, me, with a mask on my face, jumping around the stage, people catch the rhythm…
    Further, Moldovenii s-au nascut, the audience is in ecstasy!
    We sing in unison!
    Valerica, Nunta, Ciocarlia, Trece Vremea Omului…

    There isn’t any barrier between us and the public, the music unites us in a common positive vibe… it would be just perfect if people wouldn’t smoke in the club…

    Cucusor – total trance…
    Codrii and Om cu inima de lemn
    The T-shirt is totally wet.
    Let’s move on to the new songs – Nistru, total change of the atmosphere…

    That was a special concert!
    Happy Birthday Hard Rock Café!
    Foaie verde trei lămâi, Radule de unde vii/
    De la lupte vin, măi frate, cu măciuca prinsă-n spate/
    La toți le-am făcut dreptate!
    Doina haiducului!
    Ma hair gets into my mouth, the headphones hardly resist, people are singing along with us!
    Thank you Bucharest, thank you Hard Rock Cafe and you, the ones who shake the club at every concert!
    New faces, beautiful faces, new songs, girls in foam, new emotions – that was a crazy concert!

    On the stage for the bis!
    Codrii, Om cu inimă de lemn…
    Orgasm is nothing comparing to this…
    Red code alert!
    Positive mood, summer atmosphere, Codri, stars, love!
    30 minutes in the dressing room to recover a bit…
    Champaign, autographs, photos…
    Finally, we are at the hotel. Tomorrow – welcomed by the blizzard, we go to Constanta.
    The Doors club is waiting for us!
    Blizzard? So what, ready for a hurricane in the club?



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