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    I was in a mini-vacation in Istanbul, walking through the ruins of the former Byzantine Empire, when I've learned about the tragedy in Japan...  

    One has to be a stupid to not understand that our planet is our common home, and everything that happens here concerns all of us, everyone! 

    Thus this news really upset me, but then I thought it is another lesson for all of us… a sad lesson.

    Upon return, together with my colleagues we were discussing all these and I found out about the charity marathon... I immediately agreed to take part! 

    Since I don't have a solo program, I decided to perform two songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, whom I love very much ... "Horses" and "My Gypsy"... 

    I didn't play these songs by myself, but with the legendary Serghey Bucur from the band "O-Chad" (and he is great, he supported me without rehearsing) 

    These are powerful and tragic songs...

    I liked the concert and its atmosphere. There was some kind of special spirit... and this is the most important!

    I was there, because compassion and a friendly shoulder are necessary for us humans!

    Big thank you to everyone who came… Bravo, Sasha, for the idea!

    Love each other...

    It's a pity everybody smokes... 

    But generally it was great!

    Japan, get well soon! 

    Note: Roman participated in a music marathon that had the aim to gather donations to support the victims of the recent sad events from Japan. The marathon took place in Chisinau, Club “Albion”, on the 23rd and 24th of March.

    Details in Russian.

  • Александр Беленко
    30 march 2011 12:10
    Мопед не мой! :) Идея не моя, я только ее немного развил и поспособствовал :)
    Роману спасибо за участие! Всем, кто играл, слушал, смотрел, жертвовал -


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