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    Sitting, waiting for our departure to Yerevan
    We haven’t slept for several days
    Yesterday we were in Odessa
    It is collapsing, but the spirit is still alive
    The humour holiday was... fun!
    Prior to that there was "Star Academy" (Moscow, Fabrika Zviozd - Video)
    Thanks to Nadejda Babkina and Yuri Nikolayev, but also to everyone that showed their support
    The phrase "the adventure was a success" is the essence!
    Then there was a photo shooting under the "carcass" of the port
    Once we were flying on it!
    (photo by Liuba Ceaikovskaia, professional ones - coming soon)

    Popped in at home
    A late lunch and getting ready for the trip...
    All this is rock and roll!
    But what to do? the scrap heap of the Refrigerator Factory is behind!
    Today Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku next!
    Then Bucharest, Brasov, Pitesti, again Bucharest, and at the customs...
    No desire to eat ... to the plane like to school!
    Respect to Lena Shkoda.
    Sveatoslav and I - in caps (kushmas) and with guitars, like Hawaiian artists in CaptainVrungel...
    It’s a little stormy. Sleeping on a chaise, squeezing a tube of butter from the plane...
    Departure - within 25 minutes...
    Blessed is he who has visited this world in its fateful minutes...
    Yes, and then Istanbul - the ruins of Constantinople! Two Moldovans on the main Turkish TV channel!
    Hugging everyone!

    Chisinau Airport, 03.04.2011, 06:30 am
  • Аделька
    5 april 2011 11:03
    не смотрю Фабрику звезд, услышала из другой комнаты знакомые звуки , прибежала и
    танцевала всю песню) спасибо Zdob si Zdub за настроение, которое они всегда
    создают, исполняя свои песни! очень зажигательные


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